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Looking for the best home improvement company for you? Paradise Home Improvement is the right choice!

Since its inception, Paradise Home Improvement has developed into one of the top home improvement companies in America, with a growing list of new customers and referrals. The reasons are simple:

  • You get exact pricing up front. No hidden costs.
  • You get the complete details of the project in writing. No surprises - Exact prices only.
  • You get only Grade "A" components-never "second tier" products or materials. We have our pick of suppliers, and we choose the best. Our reputation rides on it.
  • You get installation by trained, insured crews, performed to the highest standards of the industry under strict quality control.
  • You get the most flexible financing at the best rates anywhere, thanks to our leverage as one of the nation's largest loan originators. We pass those rates on to you with no markup or fee-ever.
  • You'll never pay a dime until the job's done and you're happy. And if you are ever unhappy, in five years or fifty, we'll make it right.

Our product line includes: Solar by Paradise, Bath Systems by Paradise, Paradise Super Siding, Diamond Barrier Plus, Paradise Spray Foam, the Paradise Super Window, IceBOX, and GutterGuardian by Paradise.

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Paradise Home Improvement now offers complete solar systems with our newest product: Solar by Paradise! Contact us today to request your free estimate and more info!
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